The  Recipe:

For those that can’t get hold off some “Freddy Hirsch Original Biltong Spice”  You can always try your hand at making it from scratch. There is not a lot to the recipe itself you’ll only need some Coarse Sea Salt a bit of pepper and some ‘Worcestershire sauce’. There are also no specific measurements needed to combine them either (Now this is what we South Africans call a “Moer By” Recipe).
The best (also found to be the cheapest) meat to use for making Biltong is Silverside (Boudvleis) also known as Round Steak. – Cut into Strips. Mix the Pepper and Salt (Remember you can also use other spices in this recipe, coriander and grill spices are some of my favorites).

Now sprinkle a layer of spices as the base in the container you’ll be using to keep the raw meat in. Then add a layer of the precut meat and another layer of spice. Repeat the steps till you run out of either space or meat. Then let it cure for around ± 12 hours. (Now if you can’t wait that long you can always add more
Salt to the mixture.

You can then hang the meat to dry after ± 2 hours of curing). After the curing process is done prepare a bowl with water and 1 cup of vinegar and Dip the cured meat on the mixture before hanging them. (This will prevent any flies and bugs to destroy your hard work) and remember not to wash off the spices either

A Biltong Maker is born:

Ok the following are a couple of Ideas for making a biltong box without breaking the bank. Well you can even make it for free if you have the right equipment. To make your very own Biltong box you’ll need.

  • A 60watt bulb with a connector (Working preferably).
  • A Carton Box or a deep plastic bucket with a lit.
  • A couple pieces of metal bars or wood ± 10 mm thick
  • A small fan if possible I used a Small computer fan I bought from PC world.Biltong Box inside
  • 12v Transformer
  • A couple of cutting tools.
  • A bit of bending wire

Now take the Box and let it stand up right. (The Flaps to the front, that is). Then cut a hole in the side of the box to the size of the PC fan. Then at the other end make another hole to fit the bulb or you can fit it to a piece of wood so that it can stand upright in the box. The electrician in me recommends you to fit the bulb almost in the middle to the top of the box to prevent an electrical short and the bulb
from breaking. That is the tricky parts done!! You can then cut a couple of Holes at the top of the Box near the back for ventilation. See my little illustration for more information. You can cover the holes with a little bit off gauss if you’re afraid of bugs getting into the box. Then use the metal rods or wooden sticks and insert them across the top of the box. Remember to layer the bottom of the Box with some old news paper. That is the Box complete. Box Illustration:

The Bucket has the same concept. Just make sure that it is Deep enough a 25L Bucket with lid will do. Again on the Bottom make one hole to the size of the PC fan and at the other a hole for the light bulb. You can again fit the bulb and socket on a piece of wood and let it stand on the bottom of the bucket. I again recommend fitting it near the middle closer to the top. I’ll also again recommend layering the bottom with some news papers. Make some holes near the top of the bucket for some ventilation. Use some Gauss to cover the holes and insert the Rods or Pieces of wood across the top of the bucket. Make sure that it is also a couple of centimeter in so that the bucked can close.

Hanging your meat:

Using the bending wire you can make “makeshift” hooks to hang your biltong. Then hang the pieces of biltong in the box and close the Box/bucket. Switch on the light and fan and let the whole thing stand for around 3 to 4 Days. That’s it you can now enjoy your biltong or make some biltong salad. One of the other famous South African recipes you can find at my site.

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